Chinese Student Support Center

CSSC was established and certified with the support of China’s Embassy Consulate. CSSC works with local school associations to provide pastoral care collaboratively, to help international students fit into the new environment quickly and to achieve their academic and career goals.

Our Mission

Support the students in areas of consular service, academic pathway and required pastoral care.

Our Vision

Enable students appreciate different cultures and make global friends, help students find the best academic and career pathways, and showcase the cheerfulness of Chinese youth.

Our Service

We help parents to be engaged in their children’s studying and living overseas, particular for those who struggle with speaking English.

What We Have Done

CSSC will visit schools to obtain the up-to-date information of every international student and report to their parents. This is to facilitate the communication between the parents and the schools, and to keep them align with schools’ perspective regarding their children’s academic performance.
CSSC organizes student activities and volunteer opportunities to help student fit into the community as well as keep a positive wellbeing.
CSSC delivers important information to international students from Embassy and Consulate, and provide services as required by the parents and students. During the pandemic period in 2020, CSSC was designated to deliver epidemic prevention materials to Chinese students in New Zealand.

Students Life


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